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"The Evidence of Spiritual Awakening"

Paths to Awakening is an intentional spiritual community, meeting monthly in Seattle, that transcends separate faith traditions in the service of a Oneness that embraces us all. This talk was given at the first gathering in October 2012.

"Spiritual Awakening Is Unconditional"

"The Land Beyond Conditions"

Our ego-selves, now as when we were in the Wilderness with Moses, complaining about that "there's nothing to eat except this manna," always think that "if only I had -----," it would be enough.

In his introduction to the beautiful, soul-opening song, "Adonai Hu Ha'Elohim," shared by musicians Stephen Merritt, Jon Ramer, Elle McSharry and Jenny Heutmaker, Rabbi Ted Falcon talks about the "Mystery" and the "richness of the gift we're given." Recorded on Rosh Hashanah Eve 2012.

Recorded on S'lichot, but with a message that resonates throughout the year. With musicians Stephen Merritt, Jenny Heutmaker, Jon Ramer and Elle McSharry.

We are called not only to embrace ourselves, not only to embrace each other, but to embrace our world. The conscious mind tells us that is impossible.

S'lichot is the service that marks the entry into the Jewish Holy Days. In Hebrew, S'lichot is the plural of "forgiveness," which speaks the essential thrust of those special days. In this piece, Rabbi Ted talks about why we come to such a moment as S'lichot.

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