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Our experience always reflects the nature of our identity: We don't see the world as it is. We see the world as we are. 

The unfolding of spiritual identity.

The dance of identity.

The two faces of ego identity: comparative and contributive.

Martin Buber, Ken Keyes & Carl Rogers: Nurturing the heart identity.

Given the week following the 2013 Boston Marathon and the day before Earth Day at the April 2013 Paths to Awakening gathering,this talk from Rabbi Ted opens with his statement that the Path of Gratitude "is a radical path."

The practice of gratitude is a practice of meeting every single thought, every single perception with, Thank you. It slices through a moment and allows us to step into the immediacy of the present.

We have a tendency to think of our problems as our worst problems, but the problems we carry around with us from year to year to year may be our best problems. Rabbi Ted offers an exercise to help us discover "just what their best-ness is."

A meditation from Rabbi Ted to support "riding gratitude into the life you wish to live," followed by Elle McSharry's cover of Deva Premal's Chidananda. With musicians David Johnston, Jon Ramer and Stephen Merritt.

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